Gala night Opening January 21

Show running from Friday Jan 22- 26 2021

Morning In The Dandenongs by Cheng Huat Lee



DIMENSIONS (Height - 90.00 cm X Width - 120.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36443-0161-01
COPYRIGHT © Cheng Huat Lee
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Artist: Cheng Huat Lee


Art has always been a part of my life from childhood. Art was one of my favourite subjects at school along with economics and finance.

As it turned out, I went into economics and finance as a career, but art was never far away.

Over the years, I have admired and studied the works of a range of artists from the impressionists to the super photorealists. Art exhibitions and museums have been an irresistible haunt.

I have attended art tutorials and demonstrations, but am largely self-taught.

Artists whose works I have always admired, and in some cases collected, include Ivars Jansons, Patricia Moran, Darcy Doyle, Oleg Turchin, Sorin Sorin, Rod Chase, Clark Hulings, Max Ginsburg, Tim Cox, Hans Dahl, James Crandall, to name a few.

I have always painted as a hobby, but since retirement, have able to pursue it more seriously. I have exhibited and sold at the Camberwell and the Bayside Art Shows.

I paint to tell a story, whether that be a mood, a display of colours, people at work, a street scene, the beauty of the changing sky, sun or rain, boats in waiting, nature serene or wild, crowds in motion, or people going about their affairs whatever the occasion.

I generally like busy scenes with details chosen from a wide range of resources including my own photographs. Rarely does one photo have all the elements that make a story worthwhile depicting on  canvas. There is immense room for creative imagination in juxtapositioning the details, their colours and values, sizes and perspective etc.

I hope viewers enjoy my artwork as much as I have in creating them.

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